Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rubber Mold for Turret Doors

Ignore the date stamp--should be 7-4-12.

In this picture I am putting play clay along the door edge to make it even.  I also put a thin coat of Vasiline all over the front of the door.  Then I took tiny balls of the play clay to put on the back of the turret door, to temp. attach it to the wood base of the mold.  Make sure it is stuck flat.
The play clay comes in long, square sticks, in 6 colors.  I cut the sticks in half to build a mold wall.

The play clay wall is finished.  Make sure the clay is stuck firmly to the base board.

 You mix part A with part B and****mix well !!! Then you pour the ugly gray/purple liquid into the mold.  If you intend to make the rubber molds--read the instructions a couple of times.  I get my molding rubber and resin from  and you can print the instructions from their web site.  The mold rubber I use is PlatSil 71-20 RTV.

After 4 hours you have this great mold--too cool !!!  I will pour the resin in a couple of weeks.  I have some new projects that have popped up.
Thanks for reading my blog.

Kate >^..^<

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Turret Doors-2

The last picture in the last post showed all the door boards taped together.This picture shows the half door untaped in the front, with only the back still taped.  I am applying wood glue to the edges of all the boards and retaping, so the boards will glue tightly together, evenly.
These are the two half doors all firmly glued together and laying on some 1/32 nd (I think) cardboard.  I drew the outline of the doors and made sure I left enough room so I could cut an outside edge for the wall around the doors.

The next picture with me holding the xacto knife is me cutting out the inside edge of the door.  It was not easy and it WAS a new, sharp blade.

First I put on the cardboard edge, then put on  a trim I had so  when I make the mold, the doors will look carved.

Then I put on a thinner card board in the shape of a big door hinge and made a raised design using a monojet to squirt out modeling paste to make the designs.  Next step-MAKE THE MOLDS.

Hope all this made sense-I am very tired.
Kate >^..^<

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Turret Doors

This is the design I have decided on for the doors to the turret.

The oatmeal boxes (2) are going to be the turret base.  The white paper in the middle of the picture are the door patterns.  The blue tape  is around slats of boards for the doors.  I am going to glue the boards together and glue detail on the doors.  Then I am going to pour resin doors.  I then am going to use a blow dryer on the resin doors and bend them slightly to fit the curve of the  oatmeal box. 
Kate >^..^<