Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Turret Doors-2

The last picture in the last post showed all the door boards taped together.This picture shows the half door untaped in the front, with only the back still taped.  I am applying wood glue to the edges of all the boards and retaping, so the boards will glue tightly together, evenly.
These are the two half doors all firmly glued together and laying on some 1/32 nd (I think) cardboard.  I drew the outline of the doors and made sure I left enough room so I could cut an outside edge for the wall around the doors.

The next picture with me holding the xacto knife is me cutting out the inside edge of the door.  It was not easy and it WAS a new, sharp blade.

First I put on the cardboard edge, then put on  a trim I had so  when I make the mold, the doors will look carved.

Then I put on a thinner card board in the shape of a big door hinge and made a raised design using a monojet to squirt out modeling paste to make the designs.  Next step-MAKE THE MOLDS.

Hope all this made sense-I am very tired.
Kate >^..^<

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  1. It makes perfect sense! Love your hinges! Maybe I can do something like that even when I'm not making a mold! Never thought of that. Can't wait to see the finished turret doors.