Monday, March 13, 2017

Getting Started

The room is in four spaces.  The first space on the left is the telescope/potion bottle area.  The base is 5/8 inch plywood.  The walls are 1/2 inch foam board insulation.  I love to work with this. Then I drilled holes along the left edge and back of the board. Into the holes I put two inch pointed sticks .  I glued two pieces of foam board together; the inside board is 1/2 inch shorter than the outside board, so the lid can fit in the top.  I then made the back wall: two pieces of foam board,  with a narrow third piece in the middle.  I put stone floor wallpaper from It looks great.  I made shelves to put the potion bottles on.  The backing is wood floor wallpaper from Itsy Bittsy.  I also used it to cover the floor of the telescope room.  That's it for now. Will post more later !!

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